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Why Network Marketing Works For Some People and Not Others

By November 8, 2020August 12th, 2021No Comments

Does Network Marketing Work? Why doesn’t network marketing work for everyone? Why does it only work for some people?

There are a lot of misconceptions and misunderstandings about network marketing that can make people feel like it’s a scam, or that it doesn’t work, or that it’s illegal, or many other things. However, when you treat your network marketing business like a business it can pay dividends!

Today’s training addresses the reasons why it doesn’t work for everyone and how to reframe your thought process to bring you success!

In this Video

0:43 – How do you view network marketing?
1:55 – Are you treating your network marketing distributorship like a business?
2:56 – There are only a few ways to make money
5:05 – What happens if you treat your business like a hobby
6:20 – Does network marketing work?
7:40 – Be willing to do the work
8:10 – The profession of network marketing
9:46 – We can change how people see network marketing!

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Hey, everybody, Brandon Cunningham here from the Cunningham Collective. Glad to be with you guys today. I have a few thoughts that I want to share with you today.

I do a lot of reading during the week, and I thought maybe you need to talk about a subject that is really one of my passions, something that I’m very, very passionate about.

And that is, why some people are able to make money in network marketing, real money, and others either just make a few bucks or end up quitting, because they’re not making enough money? Does network marketing work? And it’s really not a complicated thing.

It’s really the way you vision what the profession of network marketing is. And I’ve come to the conclusion that network marketing has the stigma, the black eye, I don’t know what you want to call it. Well, that’s what I was.

How Do You See Network Marketing?

I mean, when I first got into this, close to seven years ago, I was very skeptical, when I came in, because I was listening to what other people were telling me about network marketing and what it was. And so, I came in with some preconceived ideas.

And after being in it a while, I understand that not only is it a legitimate business opportunity, it’s the biggest business opportunity I’ve ever been exposed to. I’m 44 years old. I’ve never seen anything this big. It’s an enormous industry as a whole, the direct selling industry and multilevel marketing industry.

Why Network Marketing Doesn’t Work For Some People

And it’s funny to me, because the reason so many people think that network marketing doesn’t work is because they don’t treat network marketing, or their opportunity when they become a distributor, the way they would if they had got into a business that costs a whole lot more.

Let me explain. Most network marketing opportunities will cost somewhere in the neighborhood of a couple hundred to maybe a couple thousand dollars to get involved and become a distributor. And while that’s not money that we want to burn, that’s not money that we want to just throw out the window, it’s certainly not even close to the amount of money that it would take to open a real business.

If you’ve opened a restaurant or a gym, or even a lawn maintenance business, we’re talking thousands of dollars, potentially, depending on what you’re getting involved in, hundreds of thousands of dollars. And if someone gets involved in that type opportunity, they’re not going to just put their toe in the water. Why? Because their financial future is on the line.

Does Network Marketing Work?

See, here’s the deal. You’ve only got a few choices in the way you’re going to make money. You’re either going to work for someone, and we know how that has worked out for most people. Maybe you’re thinking that right now. Maybe that’s why you’re looking at this opportunity of network marketing, because working for someone is a dead end road.

No one’s going to pay you more than you’re worth. They just won’t. In fact, most employers, what they do is they pay you as little as they can pay you and keep you employed, keep you there. And that’s why so many employees are unhappy, why they hate going to work on Monday, and why they do whatever they can while they’re at work to not work. You know what I’m talking about.

Then if you want to venture out and go in business for yourself, we know, we just said, it’s expensive. And a lot of people don’t have the capital to go do that. They don’t have the money, because it takes a lot of money to go in business for yourself. And it’s very risky.

And so, what do they do? They continue to be employees. And then here comes this phone call, “Hey, I got this opportunity. Come take a look at this opportunity.” Eventually, they either are told there or told later, “It’s network marketing.” And it looks great. It looks like everything that they want in starting their own business. It’s got a great product. It’s got a great system. It’s got great timing. It’s got the support, the help of the team. The difference is, the network marketing opportunity is a few hundred bucks to a couple thousand bucks.

And here’s the deal. A lot more people have that kind of money to invest than they do in businesses that cost thousands or hundreds of thousands of dollars. And a lot of people who have an employee mindset get involved in network marketing and become their own boss. And they don’t treat this like a business. They’ve never been taught how to run a business. And so they treat it like a hobby. They put their toe in the water.

Don’t Treat Network Marketing Like a Hobby

And I’m telling you guys, treating this like a hobby is not going to turn out to what I think you want it to be. And so for that reason alone, a lot of people don’t succeed in network marketing, because they don’t have enough skin in the game and they get involved and they just simply…

Well, like I’ve got some boxes sitting here that I asked my wife to put them in the office because we want to sell them, we want to put them on eBay. Right? And I said, just put them in a place that it’s uncomfortable, where we have to look at it.

And it’s still sitting here, because we’re busy. Right? This is not my focus. I don’t provide for my family by putting things on eBay. And I am getting tired of looking at it. So, maybe I’m waiting for a rainy day and we’ll do it then.

But my point is, “Is that your network marketing business? Is that how you treat your network marketing business, where you kind of got some stuff on your desk, and you know you’re supposed to make some phone calls, but you’re just not doing it, because it’s not your livelihood?”

Well, I’m here to tell You guys, if you don’t treat it like it’s your livelihood, you’re never going to get paid like it’s your livelihood.

Misconceptions of Network Marketing

And as far as this misconception of network marketing, “Is it legal or illegal,” I’m telling you guys there’s bad eggs in every industry. There’s people that do bad things in every industry. I mean, I just, here the title guys, “Banks sued by investors.” Bank of America was sued because of a claim of rigging the bond industry. Right?

So, it’s an industry that’s nine to $15 trillion and Bank of America is named in this lawsuit. Now, am I saying, “Bank of America is a bad bank?” No. Am I saying, “If you have your money in Bank of America right now, go pull all your money out?” No.

The point is this, guys, there are a lot of industries and professions where people that do bad things or give bad service or don’t give what the market desires, they suffer. They go out of business.

And so, this network marketing profession is the same way. There’s a lot of companies that maybe have the wrong intentions. And unfortunately, people get wrapped up into those. And then, the people that see them in those businesses think, “Well, the whole profession doesn’t work.” Not true. It works.

You just have to be willing to do the work. Fill your schedule, guys. Fill your schedule.

I know you have to go do your job. So, go do your job. Go do what it is as to pay the bills, but you need to work part-time on your future. Okay? So, after you’ve taken care of paying the bills, now you’ve got to go put the work in required to get where you want to go financially. All right?

Treat Network Marketing Like A Profession

And so, have a schedule, treat your profession, the profession of network marketing, treat it as if you just invested $100,000. Okay? When someone says to you, “I’m not interested,” it’s not going to say, “Oh, well, I quit. I’m just going to walk out on my $100,000.”

No, you know what you have, you need to now go fill the schedule, fill your calendar with work. Go put the work in. Stop watching television. Stop wasting time on Facebook. Stop it. Stop it, guys. Go put the work in. Treat this like a profession. And you’ll get paid as if you’re a professional in the network marketing space.

It’s a tremendous opportunity. And I wish that we could really start to classify, more, who really is treating this as a profession and who’s treating it as a hobby, because the statistics would change drastically. I’m telling you now, guys, if you get in this, once you start to understand… I know when you first get in network marketing, it’s impossible for you to fall in love with network marketing, when you first start, because you just don’t know what it is.

But once you know what it is, once you understand that this is a legitimate profession, once you fall in love with your company and your products, the next step is to fall in love with the profession of network marketing. Once you do that, now it’s time to go put the work in. Once you believe in what you have, go put the work in, and the results will follow.

I didn’t want to take up too much of your time, today, but I, for a fact, know that we can change the way people think of this profession. We can change because it starts with you.

It starts with you taking responsibility for your business. It starts with you doing today what you want the people in your business to do today. If you didn’t do the calls today, how in the world, as a leader, could you expect your team to do the calls today? Ask yourself every day, “Did I do today what I want my team to do today?”

And if the answer is, “Yes,” good job. You’re on your way. Sustain that effort, and you’re going to reap the benefits of the most incredible profession I’ve ever come across, guys.

So, I hope you enjoyed the message today. We’ll continue to put more stuff out like this. And share it. Share it with your friends. Share it with all of your friends that may be skeptical of the network marketing business, because the reality is, guys, you’re either going to create something for yourself or you’re helping someone else create their dreams.

So, my point is, go create something for yourself. Treat it like a business, though. Don’t treat it like a hobby. It may cost like a hobby to get in. I just bought a paddle board that costs more than it costs for me to get into my network marketing opportunity. And my network marketing opportunity now pays huge dividends. So, just some food for thought. You guys have a great day. We’ll talk to you later.

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