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Why Do You Want to Rank Advance?

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Today we focus on why you want to rank advance in your Network Marketing business and how that can exponentially grow your network, and your income.  Be sure to head to our trainings page to learn more!

00:00 Introduction
01:17 Adjust Your Focus
02:23 Passion Creates Opportunity
03:52 The Belief Has to Be You
04:12 Fall in Love with Network Marketing
05:57 Be the 20%

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Hey everybody, why do you want a rank advance? We know why you want a rank advance and we’re going to talk about it today.

Hey everybody, Brandon and Lynette Cunningham from The topic today is rank advancing and why. We ask people from time to time, “Hey, you want a rank advance?” And the answer is almost 100%, “Yeah, I want a rank advance.” When you ask why, the answers are kind of a little over the place but when you really strip it down, it’s to make more money. Like people want a rank advance because there is more money normally at the next rank. There should be in a good comp plan, right?

Adjust Your Focus

So if you want to make more money, it’s not necessarily about just rank advancing. Like the focus, the focus shouldn’t be on rank advancing, the focus should be on how you’re actually going to rank advance. Like how are you going to get that done and it’s a reflection of your beliefs. So many people that get stuck at a rank and are wanting a rank advance, it’s because they are just repeating what’s in their heart. The words that are coming out of their mouth is what’s on their heart and what I am talking about? When they’re on the phone, inviting someone to their company. Or when they’re in a presentation, it’s almost certain that the percentage of time that you spend talking about products and services versus the money, the opportunity, that same percentage, like if it’s 80% of your time is on product or service, 20% is on the opportunity, that’s going to be pretty much the reflection of your back office. You have about 80% customers, 20% distributors.

Passion Creates Opportunity

Yeah, that’s so true because I remember working specifically with one distributor who was absolutely dynamic but was having a really hard time getting distributors and the reality is the numbers were there. The exposures were there. So then it comes to a conversation of, “Okay, we need to discuss what you’re talking about with your contacts.” The reality is what I already knew about this person is that there was a medical background and so I knew before I asked the question what type of conversations were being had because I knew what was important to her and what was on her heart, and she was right, and she was just in having those conversations. The problem is that’s only going to get you customers.

So she had to have the exact same passion about the business, and you know the interesting thing is she actually put me on the phone with a lot of those people that she had already made that first exposure with.

And something changed.

Drastically. Because my passion is the business. I’m very passionate about the product because it changes lives. However, when I shared what that product could do for them financially, if they looked into the business, that’s the little transition. That little piece is what a lot of times people have a hard time explaining and I don’t get it. Like they’re in the business, they joined the business because they see the potential. But –

You don’t get it because you believe in you and you believe in your opportunity, and that’s it.


The Belief Has to Be You

The belief has to be you. Like you have to believe in yourself and then you have to believe in your opportunity. Most people believe in their products and services before they believe in themselves and they believe in their opportunity. So just today, we were listening to some trainings –

Brain food.

Fall in Love with Network Marketing

Some brain food and I think you understand, you know what I’m about to say. The pitch was what would the results be if you went to someone and said, “Hey, you wouldn’t want to buy this from me, would you?” Like the answer would probably be no. And no one would sabotage themselves like that specifically but they do mentally sabotage themselves because in their heart and in their brain, they’re thinking, “No one’s going to do this with me,” or, “No one wants to be in network marketing so I’m just going to talk about the products.” They never fall in love with network marketing so if you want to rank advance, you must know the second phase of this thing. The second phase of being in network marketing is falling in love with network marketing and then knowing the process. Falling in love with network marketing, you know the process behind the back end of your business. So you know the numbers. You become a business owner. We’ve always said that a lot of our success in the very beginning and throughout is because we’ve always treated our network marketing business like a business.

I think … The reality is because you can get into this business for a very affordable amount of money, it makes it to where people don’t take it as serious as they should. If they were investing in a multi-million dollar company, if they bought a franchise that was a half a million dollars, they would know their numbers. But in this, the entry level is so low but the income potential is the same but in my opinion greater because you don’t have all the overhead and all the loans to repay. But they don’t treat it that way. They don’t treat it with the potential that’s there so you’ve got to know what’s there and then treat it like a business like you were saying.

Be the 20%

Yeah, so I ask people all the time, in our company, in our opportunity, what were your subscription numbers last month and many times they don’t know. So a) that tells me they don’t know their numbers, b) it tells me that they are probably having more customer conversations than business conversations, and listen; customers are the lifeblood of an organization. But we’re talking about you rank advancing, and as you know in network marketing it’s like any other business. The 80/20 rule applies. 80% of the people will go out there and just talk about the products but that’s not you. You’re not on YouTube today watching this training because you want to be the 80%. You’re here because you want to be the 20%. The 20%, they understand the business. They fall in love with the opportunity at hand, they know their numbers and they then will rank advance so that they can make more money.

So I hope you guys enjoyed this message today. We love sharing this with you guys and for more stuff like this, go to Bye.

Don't Leave Money On The Table At Tax Time!

We have a special training JUST for you that will help you make sure you're getting your full refund.

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