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The Cunningham Collective Launch

By April 6, 2021November 3rd, 2021No Comments

The Cunningham Collective Launches Strategic Initiative Supporting Entrepreneurs with Home-Based Businesses and Building Financial Fortresses to Secure their Futures

Summary: Network Marketing leaders launch The Cunningham Collective to support entrepreneurs in becoming successful and taking network marketing and their financial future to the next level.

Sarasota, FL – April 6, 2021 – The Cunningham Collective, nationally recognized leaders in the industry, celebrate the launch of their fresh initiative, to inspire entrepreneurs in growing home-based businesses with proven systems that include training, financial and legal resources, and mentorship.

Brandon and Lynette Cunningham are known for their positive personalities and determination to give back to the profession that’s provided so much for their family over the years. They were led to their current company 12 years ago. Together the duo built a dynamic formidable team with simple methodologies that provide tools for everyday people to be successful and take network marketing and their financial futures to the next level.

“Let’s be honest, the past year was a tough year for so many people, stated Brandon. We were so grateful to have been in a position to avoid some of the adverse financial impacts so many others faced. Our family faced the fallout of the 2008 real estate crash, and it was that very experience that gave life to our aspirations with the Cunningham Collective.”

Brandon and Lynette experienced the lows of the 2008 housing market crash and used this as an opportunity to learn and build a strategy to better secure their finances. This evolved into building the team of experts with the Cunningham Collective team who understand how to build a financial fortress and create financial security.

While the year 2020 will remain engrained as unforgettable for many, for Brandon and Lynette who look at life optimistically, it will hold a series of defining moments. The moments that stood out made them even more determined to assist others in taking charge of their futures, securing their finances, and essentially recession-proofing their future as they had done. They were encouraged more than ever before to launch the Cunningham Collective.

One of the defining moments of last year that helped them solidify the plan to launch the Cunningham Collective, was recognition by Network Marketing Pro, Eric Worre, into the Million Dollar Hall of Fame. Annually, honorees are recognized for unprecedented strength, courage, and leadership that achieved Million Dollar Income status in a calendar year within the Network Marketing industry.

“We were so humbled by this recognition, observed Lynette. We have the deepest gratitude for the profession of network marketing and the security it provided to us as a family especially during uncertain times. We are proof that everyday people can be prosperous with a home-based business and we want to share our road to success with as many people as we can!”

With the first quarter of the new year behind them, they have challenged team members and aspiring entrepreneurs to seize the moment TODAY! With three more quarters in the year to go, they issued a challenge – a challenge to put those fears and doubts to rest and achieve goals for a secure future.

“If you want things to get better, YOU have to get better. If you want things to change, YOU have to change. Take the first step and surround yourself with a team that will encourage and mentor you while sharing some of the best resources in the industry,” urged Brandon and Lynette. “With determination and our team’s expertise, you will look back at the end of the year and thank yourself for believing in YOU and taking that first step!”

The Cunningham Collective offers individuals looking to succeed with home-based businesses the tools they need to be successful. This includes training and their proven methodologies, start-up resources including financial advisors and experts, legal counsel as well as personal mentorship developed over 30 years.

Click here and take the next step to securing your future and learn more about Brandon and Lynette and their journey.

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About the Cunningham Collective

The Cunningham Collective was born from the goal to serve and help everyday people succeed as entrepreneurs with a home-based business. They are dedicated to giving back to the profession that has provided so much for their family over the years with proven methodologies, start-up resources, including unparalleled financial and legal advisory, training, and personal mentorship. Built on 30 years of business expertise they have assembled a team that will empower individuals to grow themselves professionally, secure their financial futures and in turn, live optimal lives with successful businesses.

They challenge themselves and others daily to meet goals and obtain a lifestyle that matches those aspiring dreams.

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