TrueScience® Luxe Body Care System


Add luxury to your daily routine with a complete body care system featuring Nrf2 ingredients to brighten your skin and spirits.



Science Meets Luxury

Revitalize and nourish your body with body care that’s anything but routine. The TrueScience Luxe Body Care System features benefit-rich, plant-powered formulas. Lather up with TrueScience Body Wash, with natural fruit-acid exfoliants and nourishing ingredients for radiant-looking skin. Then relieve dry, distressed skin with deep-penetrating Body Butter. Our naturally derived Deodorant formula keeps you fresh and dry at the source, where it breaks down odor and sweat. All 3 science-backed products feature Nrf2 ingredients to fight oxidative stress for healthy-looking skin. Body Butter and Deodorant boast broad-spectrum CBD for a calming effect. All TrueScience personal care products are loaded with premium botanicals, seed oils, butters, and more, plus a uniquely refreshing yuzu blossom scent.


  • Combat oxidative stress and free radicals for healthy-looking skin with Nrf2 ingredients
  • Clear away dead skin, leaving your skin feeling soft and supple
  • Help protect your skin’s natural oil barrier for a refreshed look
  • Deeply moisturize and soothe dry, stressed skin with a blend of botanicals and plant-based oils
  • Smell good all day with ingredients that trap and absorb odor molecules

2019 Stevie WinnerBronze Stevie Award

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