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Managing Your Emotions to Grow Your Network Marketing Business

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It’s not always easy to stay positive in the face of adversity. But when you learn how, it can be one small step for your network marketing business and an ocean-sized leap forward!

If you can win the battle of emotions and grow as an individual person in this world that’s what will separate good from great leaders; they’re able to manage their own feelings better than anyone else which allows them opportunity after opportunity for success like no other!

Networking comes with many challenges – rejection at events I’ve been too (even though it may not seem personal), feeling stuck when nothing seems possible–but if we don’t fight our negative thoughts then there’ll just be more negativity.

These tips will help you manage your emotions and better grow your network marketing business!

00:00 Introduction
01:02 Phases of Rejection
02:49 Most People Aren’t Going To Be Ready
03:42 Follow Up
05:13 Decide On a 10 Year Commitment
05:46 Treat it Like a Business
07:32 Don’t Run Everyone Off
08:32 Focus On Those Who Want to Grow
12:14 Learn to Discipline Your Emotions

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Button here. All right, so we’re going to get YouTube going. We’re going to have Facebook rolling. I’m excited to do these trainings with you guys. And this week we’re going to be talking about emotions. One of my favorite lines in a movie, I’m not going to get into the movies is goes something like playing with my money is like playing with my emotions, hilarious movie. Guys, listen, your emotions play into how you’re going to have success in this business. The way your friends react to you and how that makes you feel is going to play into your success in this business and how you react to these things, right? If there’s one battle you have to win, if there’s one battle you have to win, it’s the battle between your ears and how you feel about things that are going on in your network marketing business. Okay. And there’s different phases of this.

Phases of Rejection

Everybody goes through different phases. I remember the very first time I got like slam rejected from a person that I just knew was going to say, yes. It blew me away. It set me back for a couple hours at least, maybe a day. And so that’s kind of the point. Not if, when you’re getting slammed, how long is it taking you to recover from those things? For some, they go into what we call the witness protection program. Like they just disappear, right? That’s a simple deal. That just means that their reason for doing this business either wasn’t clearly defined or it just wasn’t big enough, one or the two. But let’s talk about managing your emotions for a little bit, because you got to win this battle guys. You have to win this battle.

When you first start out. My Facebook live feed is tripping. So I hope it’s doing well over there. I’m not sure. If you guys are joining me on Facebook right now and here right here on YouTube, hit me up. Tell me where you are from. Let me know you’re here. And if you watch the previous videos or previous trainings, you know that I am engaging in conversations with you guys there. So let me know you’re there. Drop me some comments so I can interact with you guys and answer your questions really. And give me what maybe you want me to train on next week and the week after that might help you in your business. So when you’re first starting out in this business, for sure it’s that, those first few no’s or the first few people that you call and they sound interested. And then when you call them back, you get their voicemail or they just stop returning your text messages.

Most People Aren’t Going To Be Ready

In today’s world, its kind of normal to get a voicemail. People just don’t answer the phone a whole lot. But when someone doesn’t return a text, that’s just like, you know they read it, right? They read it. You know they read it. I know they read it. They know they read it. And now what’s going on in your mind is important, right? Are you thinking, oh, are they thinking I’m trying to sell them something, or they’re not interested, or they think I’m crazy. Maybe I am crazy. Listen guys, when you first start this business, it’s extremely, extremely important that you understand that the vast majority of people are not going to be on your same wavelength when you introduce this product, or service, or opportunity to them. They’re just not going to be on the exact same wavelength. And so that’s why we know it’s all about timing, right?

Follow Up

And why you have to continue to follow up. That’s a whole nother training, following up. But it’s important that you are reminded of these things. In fact, there was a book Your First Year in Network Marketing, Mark Yarnell is the author and he calls it the rejection rocket. If you are new to network marketing and you don’t know how to handle the rejection rocket, then you need to figure that out, right? Maybe you need to read the book. I’m not here to push books. I’m just here to tell you what it takes to grow a business. If you are a distributor that is enrolling new distributors, this is important, guys, you better make sure you’re preparing your distributors for the rejection rocket. Like, Hey, you’re going to call these people and this is probably what they might say, kind of prep them, right? Maybe you don’t want to put any negative ideas in their head.

So maybe you might want to tell them some stories of what you experienced when you signed up. Like, Hey, this is what my wife said, or this is how long it took my husband to look at this. Maybe don’t put the negative thoughts, maybe share your story or some other stories so they can go, oh, okay. That may not be as abnormal as I thought. I know a lot of people when they first start this thing out, they just think that their friends are, my friends are stupid. They don’t get it. No, it’s not that at all. It’s not that at all. It’s just, you talked to that friend at a time where their mind was somewhere else. And in today’s world, that’s pretty easy. Right. To grow your network marketing business, you have to follow up.

Decide on a 10 Year Commitment

I heard something the other day. I think I’m going to do a training on just this, but I heard something the other day and it was something like, we should all take the approach when we are starting this business, like we’re going to be in the business for 10 years. And invite people that way with the courtesy, right? If they say no, it’s okay, because I’m going to hit you up in six months or I’m going to be around this in a year. And when I’m here two years from now, you’re going to be wondering, man, you still in that thing? You get the point, right?

Treat it Like a Business

I think that’s incredible wisdom that when you start this business that you understand it is a business and that nothing of any magnitude, nothing significant is built quickly. Okay. It takes time. Right. And so if you’re in this just to make a few bucks, then maybe you’re not even thinking about that. And that’s great. That’s great. But if you’re watching this video going through trainings, I just have this feeling that you’re not here to make a few bucks, like you’re here to maybe supplement your income significantly so that you can maybe take some stress off financially or maybe you’re here to replace your income and be your own boss and work from home and call the shots. Right.

Then there’s that next level. Once you can sustain that first level of emotions, I think it was Eric Worre that said the only catch in network marketing, the only hook is that you have to be socially unacceptable to your friends for the first 18 months. If you can make it the first year or the first 18 months with being that odd person that’s in that business, then you’re going to be fine. The trick is you might be the odd person in their mind, but you got to still be their friend. Okay, don’t be that guy or that girl that’s chasing people around irritating everybody. That is a no-no. Don’t do that. Right. Because remember the mindset we’re not here for a year. We’re here for five years, 10 years is the vision, right? And so relationships are key guys. They are huge, huge, huge, huge. Relationships are huge in this business.

Don’t Run Everyone Off

Don’t run anybody off. That saying the NFL, no friends left. Right. Is true when you do network marketing the wrong way. Now let’s get to that mid level. Let’s say you’ve been in this for a little while. You’re enrolling distributors. And guess what happens? Nothing. Many times, nothing. You’ll enroll, 10 distributors and nine will do nothing. And you’re like all this work and they’re not doing anything Brandon. Well, guess what? It’s time for you to be able to understand how this business works. When people do things, why they don’t do things and control those emotions. Guys, there’s a saying you will never get healthy studying disease. Think about that. You will not get healthy studying disease. If you like that one drop me a one in the comments. Right. Hit me a one in the comments if you like that one. Because you can take that and interchange words, right?

Focus on Those Who Want to Grow

You’re never going to grow a big network marketing business when you’re focused on the people that are not doing anything. Okay. You can cannot not focus on the eight or nine people that are not doing anything because there’s nothing you can really do to help them, right, if you’ve done the right steps. That’s a whole nother training, right? People are going to do what they’re going to do. We hope that we can put them in front of certain parts of our company’s system, that they will see the big vision and they’ll make the decision on their own, but you’re not going to force them to do this business. They have to make that decision on your own. But the point is you have to control your emotions, right? Don’t focus on the eight or nine that aren’t doing anything. Focus on the one person you’ve already found that is doing something.

Go help them find their person. Because guess what? If you enrolled 10 and you found one that’s doing something, you’re on your way. All you’ve got to do is go get another 10. That’s it. It’s simple. It is simple guys. And that one person you never know. Now this isn’t a game of rolling the dice. There’s no luck in this. It is work. Okay. So don’t get the impression that you’re just always one person away from being a millionaire. Okay. While there may be a person that joins your business that can drastically, drastically increase your balance sheet at your bank account, you can’t go in with that mentality, guys. You can’t. That means you are never going to be the leader. Okay. Leaders find leaders. Okay. You have to be a leader to attract leaders. So if you’re not a leader, you’re not going to attract those leaders.

Okay. So don’t expect people to do things that you’re not already doing. Simple as that. If you’re walking slow, you’re going to attract walkers. If you are running, you are going to attract runners. Okay. And so those mid-level people you guys need to just focus on the people that are doing things and help the other ones, love on the other ones. Run with the people that are doing the right things and love on everybody else. Now what’s the next stage below that? Let’s say, people that are making $2,000 or more, okay, now you’re starting to get to like some real money, right? What’s the deal there? Well, I dropped a video just yesterday of Tony Robbins. Go back in my Facebook feed. Look at that thing because it was about disciplining your disappointment and he dropped gold. It was gold words that he said. Because that is the difference that separates the $2,000 earner a month to the $20,000 or $100,000 a month earner.

Learn to Discipline Your Emotions

It’s disciplining your disappointments, not comparing yourself to other people, not focusing on the chaos that goes in within any business, not just network marketing. People all the time are like, this is a crazy business. Well, so is traditional business. I had a guy one time that I treated like gold. He stole my truck and my tools. Sold it all for drugs. And I had to go find the stuff at the pawn shop. Okay. No network marketing person can do that to you because that’s not part of our business. Right. We don’t have thousands upon, thousands upon thousands of dollars invested in tools and trucks and vehicles. Traditional business is crazy. All right. Love on people because you never know who is going to get it. Right. And so you have to discipline your disappointments. And there is all always going to be disappointments.

In fact, the more money you make, the more problems there’s going to be, right? The bigger your organization, the more you’re exposed to the emotions and the disappointments. And you have to shield that guys. Listen, the number one skill you need in network marketing is controlling and disciplining your emotions, right? You get what you focus on. And the last thing I’m going to leave you guys with is this today. And that is, it’s not what happens to you in life that makes you happy. It’s how you react to them. Guys, if you like that one drop me some twos in the comments. Right. That is gold for your whole life. It’s not the way your wife talks to you, it’s how you react to that. It’s not how your kids are doing in school, it’s how you react to that. It’s not that you’re out fishing and you didn’t catch any fish.

It’s how you react to that. I can go on, and on, and on, and on. Your plane was delayed. So you’re stuck in a airport. It’s not the event. It’s how you react to that that’s going to determine your happiness, your mental state, your mental happiness, your physical wellbeing is all determined by your emotions. And guess what? Here’s the beauty guys. Here’s the most amazing thing. You are in total control of your emotions. We’re not in control of too much in this crazy world, but you, you are in control of your emotions, guys. If you like this training, let me know, drop me some comments. I would love to interact with you guys on a personal level. Let me know if this helped you, let me know what you want me to train on in the future. I got all this stuff here and sometimes I just need someone to poke me and remind me of what I need to be training on from time to time. Love you guys. That’s all I got for the day. We’ll see you guys next week. See you.

Struggling to find time to build your business?

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