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Is Network Marketing the Way of the Future?

By January 4, 2021June 23rd, 2021No Comments

Why Network Marketing is a Great Plan Right Now

Network marketing is absolutely the future of entrepreneurship worldwide. In this video, you will learn the top 10 reasons why network marketing is a great opportunity for anyone looking to make an income. It’s easier than you think to get started with your own business. There are no start-up costs or monthly fees like other businesses out there. You can work as much or as little as you want – some people do well working a few hours per day while others may want to put in more time each week. You have so many options and you can shape your business the way you want too. Don’t miss out on a chance to change your life without checking it out first!

In this Video

0:43 – Network Marketing is Low Cost
1:46 – Network Marketing has low overhead costs
2:44 – You Don’t Need To Go Back To School
3:23 – You’ll Set Your Own Hours
4:11 – No Financial Cap or Layoffs
5:25 – Tax Benefits for Business Owners
6:15 – You’ll Get To Meet Lots of People
7:23 – You’ll Get to Travel
8:00 – It’s An Equal Opportunity Business

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Why Network Marketing is the Future in 2021

Hey, in this video, we’re going to be talking about why network marketing is a great plan now.

Network Marketing Is Low Cost

I’ve been waiting to shoot this video because I’m really passionate about this topic. And we’re going to give you 10 reasons why this is a great business now. So let’s jump right in with number one. It’s low cost. Lynette and I have owned quite a few businesses more than I know she would like to have owned. And our very first business we bought was like… What is it about $50,000?


And we bought that at a young age. It was like a lot of money to us. And it’s still a lot of money, and that is low cost for traditional business. There are many businesses that cost hundreds of thousands. In fact, you might not know, but McDonald’s cost like $1 million. And so who has that kind of money? And so that’s the reason why most people end up staying as employees because they just don’t have the money to go in business. And in most network marketing opportunities, the most you can spend is 5,000. In many cases, it’s under 2,000. And in some cases, even as little as just a few hundred dollars and you can actually get your foot in the door. So when you’re comparing traditional business to network marketing with startup costs, there’s no comparison.

Network Marketing Has Low Overhead Costs

Yep, you’re right. And here’s a number two to consider, low overhead. Every one of those businesses that Brandon just described that we had, those traditional businesses, the overhead and the worry that it caused and the burden of knowing that every month you had a certain amount of money that had to be made to even keep from going in debt, whether it’s insurance or electric bills or whatever the case may be, the overhead is significant. A lot of times in traditional business, but in network marketing, it’s minimal. I mean, sometimes if you consider the fact that you love the product and would be taking it no matter what, then it’s pretty much zero. Because a lot of times, just in order to receive compensation, you’re supposed to be consuming the product. Obviously you’re going to talk about it. But if you’re going to use it anyway, then it’s as if you’re not even spending anything extra, which is incredible.

Yeah. Yeah.

You Don’t Need To Go Back To School

Number three, I love this one. It doesn’t require more school. I didn’t like school to start with, just ask my teachers. I was not a great student when it came to grades. They used to ask me in high school like, “What are you going to do after school?” One thing I knew is I wasn’t getting more school. And so the great thing with network marketing is it doesn’t require you going off to get a degree, which is student loans. Now there is skills you need, and there is education you’re going to need to advance, but there’s no requirement to get started. You don’t have to have a certain amount of education to get started. In fact, you just have to have a desire to do this.

You Set Your Own Hours

Yeah. Number four, you guys, I love this one. You set your own hours. Oh my gosh, can I just tell you. When we got started, my kids were two and four. It was important to me that I set my own hours. I remember building my business early on during that time. If there was a favorite TV program that I’d allow them during the day, I would strategize because I tried to limit the amount of TV time my kids had-

One, two pets. One, two pets.

I would strategize according to that little time slot. That’s the bonus. Is that you can do this on a timeline that works for you, which is important I think when you’re trying to fit it in and around everything else that you’re doing.

I think I just dated how old we are in our case.

Don’t do that.

No Financial Cap Or Layoffs

Okay. Number five is no financial cap. If you’re an entrepreneur, the word cap or ceiling probably makes you start sweating. I mean, you didn’t go in business in the first place to have a cap or restrictions on you. You went into business so that you could make your own rules. And in some businesses there’s a cap, there’s only so much you can earn until they are looking to replace you with a younger, cheaper version and that doesn’t happen in network marketing. There is no cap. You get to choose how much of an opportunity you really want to have.

That’s right. The next one, you don’t have to worry about being laid off or furloughs. I mean-

That’s happening.

Seriously, it’s a big deal and it’s a shame, but given the world that we’re living in, it’s a reality. And that’s something that you simply do not have to worry about in this profession, because you’re calling the shots. It’s your business, your distributorship, and you’re making the rules in that respect. That’s a major bonus.

I mean, you can’t get fired. If you follow the rules and you’re a good boy and girl, you can’t get fired.

That’s it. That’s it.

Tax Benefits For Business Owners

Okay. I love this one too. This is number seven. The tax benefits are reason alone to go and become a distributor or rep in a network marketing opportunity, because there are so many people right now paying at least four to $7,000 per year in taxes because they don’t have their own business. When you become a distributor network marketing opportunity, you now own a business and now you have tax advantages you simply didn’t have. Just those numbers. I told you like you can start for a couple hundred to maybe a couple thousand dollars, but yet you can save $4,000 to 7,000 in taxes. Just that alone, if you’re a numbers person, it’s pretty easy to do those numbers. The tax benefits of being in network marketing sell itself.

You’ll Meet Lots of People

Another bonus, increased the size of your network. Brandon and I have met the most amazing people in this profession, and it’s been able to almost create a web throughout our entire life as to who we actually are networking with. And a lot of times in this profession, you’re dealing with a group of people who are of a happier mindset, they want more, they strategize for more. They’re not just that type of a person. And those are people that you begin to network with.

Statistically, they say that you are made up of the five people that you spend the most time with. Well, when you’re networking with a high level group of people, it kind of benefits you as an overall person, but it also allows you to do things that maybe you would have never done otherwise outside of this profession.

Yeah, the saying is, “Show me your network and I will show you your net worth.” And that’s for real.

I think I can make a song out of that.

Maybe some country or hip hop?

You may take the next one?


You’ll Get To Travel

Number nine, we’re almost, is the trips. Guys, the trips are absolutely insane because this is a people business and we have for most network marketing opportunities, a global opportunity. And so while you get to travel the world and expand your network, you also get to see some of the most incredible places. I know for Lynette and I, we did a little bit of travel before network marketing, but the places we have gone in the last 11 years, it’s just-

Mind blowing.

The memories are very rich.

Yeah, absolutely.

Network Marketing is an Equal Opportunity Business

The last thing you guys is that it is an equal opportunity. I love that because it doesn’t matter if you’re male, female, what race you are, what age you are. It doesn’t matter. That’s not normal. I mean, I hate to say it, but the reality is, in traditional business, you do have to deal with that a lot of times. That’s simply not the case in network marketing. There is no limits. It’s a matter of what you put into it that you’re going to get out of it. What you bring to the table, what your background is, those things are irrelevant. It’s really just about you getting to work, plugging into the system that’s there, and making the most of what you’ve been given to work with and that is huge.

If you’re looking to get into a business in the near future, we highly encourage you to choose network marketing. We absolutely love it. It’s changed our life. And if you’re wanting information on network marketing, go to the and I’m sure you’ll find some stuff there you like. Bye

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