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Network Marketing Training

How to Have Success in Network Marketing

By July 29, 2021September 1st, 2023No Comments

Today’s training focuses on learning some of our best secrets for how to increase your network marketing business and start to gain real control over your business. Learn how to get more prospects in network marketing to make this your best year in network marketing.

00:00 Introduction
1:10 Pick a Product or Service
2:46 Avoid the Emotional Roller-coaster
4:21 Treat Network Marketing Like a Business

6:00 Focus on The New People
7:15 Fall in Love with Network Marketing

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Hey, everyone. In this video, I’m going to share with you five things that you can do to have success in network marketing. Hey, I’m excited about this subject because there’s so many things I could share with you on how to have success in network marketing. I’ve just happened to pick five things that I think are maybe some of the most important things you should do to have success in network marketing. And I don’t have all the answers, but I will tell you that over our 12 years in this profession, we’ve learned a lot of what not to do, and we’ve been fortunate enough to have a lot of success. My wife and I have built a global business with hundreds of thousands of people in that organization, reached the top rank in our company and been given awards, like we’re in the Eric Worre’s Hall of Fame. So if you don’t know what that is, go look that up. But let’s just say we’ve been able to help a lot of people know how to get success in network marketing.

Pick a Product or Service

So the first key to success in network marketing is, make sure you pick a product or service that aligns with something you’re passionate about. One of the reasons why many times people don’t have success is because they end up in a company based on a relationship with a friend and they did it for the friend and not necessarily for them and their passion around, like I said, a product or a service. And it’s really awesome to support your friends and things, but this video is about you having success. So we’re now talking about earning an income. And so I can’t define for you what success is that’s for you to define. But for many people, success is where they’re earning enough money to maybe pay off some bills, maybe even replace an income, maybe make network marketing their career.

When it comes to an alignment with a product or a service, if you really want to know if you’ve got the right product or the right service is asking yourself this question, would you, would I tell other friends, my closest network of people, about the product or the service that you’re representing if there was no commission involved? And if you feel so good about the product or service that you’re a part of in your network marketing opportunity that you would do it without compensation, then you can check that box. You are with the right product.

Avoid Emotional Rollercoaster

Second thing you’re going to have to do is avoid the emotional rollercoaster that we all have to go through when we start in network marketing. You’re going to have to become emotionally unattached to the results. So when people say no to you, and it’s probably going to be the people that are closest to you that are going to say no, you cannot let that affect your decision.

And a simple illustration is maybe you have gum and you’ve offered people a stick of gum. “Hey, would you like some gum?” “No.” “Would you like some gum?” “No.” “Would you like some gum?” “No.” Does that stop you from chewing gum? No, because you like the gum, right? And believe me someday down the line, that person or people that you’ve been offering the gum to, they’re going to maybe not have such fresh breath. Maybe they’ve eaten some onions for lunch. And guess who the first person they’re going to go to for gum is that’s you. So if your network knows that you’ve got a product or a service that you’re extremely passionate about and that you’re still involved with, and maybe the business side of this as well, maybe they know you are a part of a network marketing opportunity and you’re treating it as if it is a side hustle, a real business, maybe there’s going to come a time where they need a side hustle and you’ll be the first one that they come to, but you just have to be emotionally unattached to the nos. And that’s really what separates most people from having success and not in the very beginning is they can not get over the nos.

Treat Network Marketing Like a Business

Okay. The third key to success in network marketing is you’re going to have to treat this like a business. Now in the beginning, all of us kind of start out without really knowing exactly how this thing’s going to go, but you’re watching this video because you’re ready to have success, and if you want to have success in network marketing, I don’t know anyone that have success without giving their business a real business effort, treating it like a business. One of the things that serve my wife and I so well is that we treated our network marketing opportunity, and still today, like we treated all the other businesses we had. We had traditional business. It costs us a lot of money to do those businesses. This one, network marketing didn’t. It was very cheap to get started. Yet, we treated them the same.

In my opinion, it’s why this profession gets maybe the stigma that it gets because so many people get in and never have the idea of treating it like a business. They treat it like a hobby and hobbies don’t pay you. Okay? And so treat it like a business. Know that it’s going to take you somewhere between two and five years to get the skills you need to earn significant income. It will take you two to five years, in most cases, to replace your income, or earn a significant amount of money. I’m not making any income claims here, but just know that some people come in with a skillset that allows them to make it faster than others. So that two to five years is necessary for you to give it a business effort while you are improving your skills. It’s not an overnight thing.

Focus on The New People

The fourth thing is know who you should be focusing on, and it’s the new people in your organization, the people that have just joined your organization. Listen, the first 90 days is critical that you help them have success. If someone earns money in their first 90 days, they are much more likely to stick around. So have systems in place so that it makes it, I don’t want to say easy, but a little bit more simple for people to plug in and naturally do because listen, no one quits their network marketing opportunity because they’re making too much money. The only reason people quit for the most part is because they’re not making enough money for the effort they’re putting out, or that’s the perception in their mind. And so I want you to focus on helping a lot of people make between $200 a week and a month. So there’s a little bit of a range there, but if you will focus on how you help people make a few hundred dollars a week or a month and you do that for enough people, then you’re definitely going to have success in network marketing.

Fall in Love with Network Marketing

And the fifth and final key to success in network marketing, I will tell you is you have to fall in love with network marketing, not just the product or the service you represent. You have to fall in love with the profession and what it stands for. You see, a lot of people say they like to sing, but most of those people like to sing because of the attention they get from singing. They don’t like really practicing all the things that they need to practice. And I’m not a singer, so scales or notes or whatever, but honing the profession for them is not what they enjoy. They enjoy the attention. And in network marketing, it can’t be just about the money. If it’s just about the money, then it’s not going to be very successful for you. You have to fall in love with what the profession represents, what it truly is at its core, and that is the only way you have success is if you help other people have success.

That is a beautiful thing, falling in love with network marketing. You will know when you’ve fallen in love with network marketing when you’re not afraid to tell people it’s network marketing, when you’re not afraid to get that pyramid or scam question, because you’re so educated as to the company, the products and the profession. You know that they just don’t quite know what you know. Fall in love with network marketing. Be proud of it. Actually, be excited for those difficult conversations, and when you get there, it’s definitely going to help speed up your success.

I hope you’ve enjoyed these five things. They are… There are more things that you could do, but those five are critical to your success. You guys apply this stuff and you will see soon the success you were looking for. If you like this information, go to There are many more videos there. Hey, and share this out. I know you’re probably already a subscriber. If you’re not, why not? You get those notifications, but share this out. Have this conversation with your teams, with your fellow network marketers and come see us at There’s tons of free stuff that we give away there that I know will help show you how to get success in network marketing. Have a great day.

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