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Eric Worre Interviews The Cunninghams

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Million Dollar Interview with Eric Worre

Eric Worre sits down with million-dollar earners Lynette and Brandon Cunningham from Florida. This hard-working couple has only been in the network marketing profession for 6 years, but they are creating massive results. Brandon and Lynette married at a very young age, and right from the start of their marriage they have been building businesses, and are true entrepreneurs.


In This Video:

Brandon and Lynette married at a very young age, and right from the start of their marriage they have been building businesses, and are true entrepreneurs. Both grew up with parents who worked hard in their own businesses, so they understood from an early age the value of entrepreneur based life. Their first business was in metal refinishing, and from there they ventured into real estate and they also had a car detailing business that they franchised. They were doing very well in real estate, and were diversified in their holdings, but in 2009 when the industry went dry, they started feeling the struggle. They had just had a new baby, and Brandon was working very long hours in their car business to keep the household income steady, but they were unhappy with that lifestyle. That is when Lynette was first approached with the opportunity. She, like many, was uninformed about the profession, but she did see value in it. Brandon, however, didn’t want anything to do with it. He, like Lynette, was also uninformed/misinformed about it, but she kept on Brandon until he also watched the video about it. Together they research more about the company, and the profession itself to educate themselves, and then they attended their first meeting 4 hours away from home. Several weeks later they attended their first corporate event, and they were able to see it on a much bigger scale and the true potential became a reality.
From the beginning of this new venture for them, they worked it as a team. Sometimes making it competitive to hold each other accountable for making connections. This activity helped them build belief. As Lynette tells us, within a few months, “I believed enough in our products that I felt a moral obligation to share it with people. And then as we started having success in the business, I felt the moral obligation to share the business with people. It was building blocks.”
Today, Lynette and Brandon are leaders and on the verge of a million dollars a year in their network marketing business. They stand by a philosophy of hard work, dedication (their competitive nature of wanting to achieve the next rank and gain access to the Winner’s Circle), consistency on a daily basis, constant learning, and never ask your team to do anything you aren’t willing to do. Another piece of advice that Brandon gives his team, is regarding the negativity you might encounter when you share your products or the business with others, is to not concern yourself with what they think. He says, “from the very beginning we realized we just have to block that out. I didn’t use those moments to cower. We used those moments as fuel.” He further says, “…there is no one in your database that should change your mind about the opportunity because you’re more educated (about it) than they are. Don’t allow people that know less than (you) about an opportunity to dictate the outcome of your life.” As the interview closes, Lynette and Brandon offer this advice to all of us, “belief is such a big component; belief in the industry, belief in your company, belief in yourself.”


And the final piece of advice that they impart to us is: “This is a team effort. In order to advance in this industry, you have to help people. And the highest earners in this industry are no different than you; they’ve just helped more people for a longer period of time.”

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