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Choose The Right Environment To Succeed

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Your environment and the people you surround yourself with will make a huge difference to your success!

In This Video

1:19 – The environment that you choose, your reference group, will affect your success

2:22 – The influence others can have on your attitude

3:28 – The Rule of Thirds

4:34 – Remove yourself from negative situations

5:34 – You can put out positivity or you can put out poison

6:17 – It’s not just the people around you 

9:02 – Audit your environment

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In today’s video we’re going to talk about how the environment that you choose is related to your success. Hey guys, welcome to the Cunningham Collective. We are Brandon and Lynette Cunningham. And today we’re going to talk about how your environment is related to your success.

We’re going to give you a few studies we’ve read, some research that we’ve gone over that may surprise you about how important the people, the things in your life affect your future. And by the way, she didn’t grow over the last few weeks, she’s wearing heels and I am not.

You’re not that big, of course.

Yes, there are a few inches.

You just have nothing on. You’re barefoot.

No, I have something on. Trying to scare everybody out there?

Your Reference Group

So listen, the environment that you choose, the people that you choose to be around. There was a study done at Harvard, this social scientist did a study and he called the people you choose to be with, your reference group. And he said that your reference group, the people that you are around the most, the people you choose to be with, whether that’s at work, at school, we all have choices, right? What you listen to in the radio, what you read, what you watch on television, even the news. This is your reference group. Mainly talking about humans, will predict up to 95% of your failures or success in the future.

That’s huge. That’s major statistics there.

Yeah, most people are like, let me just go hustle, go work, go work, go work, go work, go work, and are not really focused on the people that they’re with when they’re at work or after work, because those are the people that are really going to determine their future. And I know growing up, we had obviously different parents, but kind of similar things going on.

The Influence of Others

Yeah. I remember, I feel like almost every summer, especially in those middle school years, I’d go back to school and within the first week or two, I was getting reprimanded for my mouth and I’d be told you-

I know, it’s surprising. But I would be told by my mother, you know what? The kids at school are affecting you. You’re acting different, and I don’t like it.

And it just goes to show you that you really do your personality, everything about you, the way that you put yourself out there can be affected by the people around you, which it’s kind of scary because if you make bad choices, yikes.

Well, a lot of times, the people we choose to be with, maybe they’re the funny people or the ones that have fun. Well, that’s all fun and games until you become an adult, and sometimes what you reap as an adult is what you started out as a teenager.

The Rule of Thirds

And so it’s really important that you put yourself in circles where you’re in a positive frame of mind of people that can help you every day. There’s a famous softball coach. I think she has the highest winning percentage of any NCAA softball coach. Her name is Sue Enquist. Her winning percentage was over 800, I think 835%. So out of 10 games, they won eight.

That’s pretty impressive.

Pretty good. So she has a rule of thirds. She breaks people into three groups. There’s an upper third, a middle third and the bottom third. And these people are in every walk of life. They’re at your school, they’re at work, they’re at your gym. They’re everywhere.

And the bottom third, you definitely need to stay away from, and these are the people that she says will just suck the life out of you. You can’t do anything good around them. They never celebrate your victories, and somehow even in the good stuff, they find something to worry about or be negative about. And we all know those people.

I don’t like them.

Remove Yourself From Bad Situations

Literally we’ve grown away from people as we’ve realized this seriously.

Well, you have to. You have to remove yourself. You’ve got to be aware of your environment. And if you’re not, you’re putting yourself in a predicament, in a dangerous spot. So yeah, when those people show up in my life, I’ll obviously continue to be respectful and cordial, but I’m not looking to spend extra time with you.

Right. And there’s a middle third, and these people kind of waiver. So when things are good, they’re good. When things are bad, they like… If you were in a boat and there was a hole in the boat, these are the people that go crazy and tell you how big the hole is instead of how to get off the boat or how to save someone’s life. Those people, you can help guide those people and change them, but you can’t trust them because given a situation they can change.

And then there’s the upper third, and these are the people that despite what happens to them, they realize it’s not what happens to you, it’s how you react to it. And those are the winners. Those are your influencers.

Those are your leaders, and these are the people that realize that when you open your mouth, you have a choice. You can either put out positivity or you can put out poison, but it’s one of the other. And those are the people you want to surround yourself with if you want to change some things in your future.

If you want more success, we focus in a network marketing profession. That’s where our energies go. And so if you want to win in network marketing, one of best things you can do is make sure you’re eliminating that bottom third, and even maybe some of the middle third, and you’re spending the majority of your time with that upper third of people because in business, especially network marketing, it’s a mental game. If your belief is off, you’re off. You’re losing. It’s an attraction business.

It’s Not Just People

And it kind of goes hand-in-hand also with things outside of maybe even your friends. And so some of that will be things you read, things you watch, Facebook guys, I’m going to tell you now, there are so many studies that links people that have depression, that have higher amounts of activity on social media.

So there is science that is proven that the more time you’re spending on social media, the higher the chance you deal with depression. And so why is that? Most of what you see in social media is I don’t want to call it fake, but they put… Listen, come on.

Your best foot forward.

Yeah, how many pictures does it take? You can take a picture, I’m going to take another one. Oh no, take another one. No, no, no. Take another one. No higher… And guys, why is that? So that you know the lighting’s right, and you’re not seeing the chin or the arms. Guys, listen. I get it. I get it. But just know that your friends that look wonderful or look like they have everything in life going, no one’s perfect, and it’s causing depression.

In addition to that, I feel like in that realm, you can create your environment a little bit. And what I mean by that is I’ve had people in my feed who post negative things. They’re attracting negative comments. I don’t want to see that. It’s one thing, if there’s been a tragedy, and they’re sharing and updating, that’s completely different. But then there’s other people who dig for negative things to discuss and to pull out of people, and here’s the thing. For me, I remove that person. I’m not following that person. I don’t want to see that feed.

Which means that the people who do buy into that, are into that. They like that negativity. That’s the environment they thrive in. They’re creating a little nest of negative people. So if you have that in your feed, you may want to consider whether or not it’s bringing value to your life, and if that’s what you want to attract.

And even for yourself, if you’re putting those posts out there, what are you going to attract? You’re not going to attract me. I’m going to go, “No, I don’t want that.” So you need to realize that you’re somewhat creating your environment as well.

You absolutely are guys. And so don’t overlook this in your life. We feel very strongly that the people you associate with, the people that you wrap around you are going to have a direct effect on your overall happiness, which plays into all phases of your life.

Audit Your Environment

And so take an audit. What I want you guys to do is audit your environment, audit the news. Take real close look at what you view as entertainment. Whether it’s in social media, the music you listen to, what you read. And if it’s not positive, if you want better results in the future, you’ve got to remove that.

So go through your Facebook feed, go through what you listen to, go through what you read and watch first, and then secondary start really paying attention to the conversations at work, and at school, and at the gym. And if there’s more poison than positivity, you might want to run from that.

Yeah, and I would just add that your brain, it’s a little bit like a refrigerator. What you put in it is what’s available to come out of it. So whatever you’re putting in your brain, whatever you’re feeding yourself is what you’ve got to give. So keep that in mind.

We hope you enjoyed this guys. If you want more stuff like this, more content like this, let us know, comment down below, and for more videos and more information about us, go to Thank you guys. See you later.

Have a good one.

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