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Can Network Marketing Save My Retirement?

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There’s a new definition of retirement; and we have the answer.  We also tackle the question, “Can Network Marketing Save My Retirement?” and share some great expert advice on how to achieve “time freedom” with Network Marketing.

00:00 Can Network Marketing Save My Retirement?
00:33 The Definition of Retirement
03:25 Put Money to Work for You!
05:09 The Cashflow Quadrant
06:18 A Simple System
09:09 The Answer

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Can Network Marketing Save My Retirement?

Hey everyone, in this video we’re going to be talking about your retirement, and if network marketing can help you get there faster.

The Definition of Retirement

Hey everyone, Brandon Cunningham here from The Cunningham Collective. I love this topic that we’re talking about today. It is the reason I really dove into network marketing, and that’s because I wanted to be retired in my mid-40s. That was my goal when I was younger. And I know that may sound maybe crazy to some of you. We all have a different definition for what retirement is. My definition of retirement was not 65. It was not working 9:00 am to 5:00 pm for 40 years. I didn’t want to do that. I was constantly looking for ways that I could earn money without having to trade time for it. So I don’t know what your definition of retirement is, but at some point in the future you’re going to want enough money coming in that you can live on that money without having to go to work to earn it.

So money coming in has to equal the amount of money coming out. At that point you have some time freedom. And that’s what retirement is to me, is time freedom; able to do what you want when you want. And for many people they do have to work much longer into life than they would want. And today, even more so than ever. In fact, many people are not retiring any more at 65. Why is that? They just don’t have enough to live on. Social security, right now the average social security check is $1,514. Most people can’t live on that. The average 401(k) account for most people at retirement age is around $100,000. So what are your expenses? It’s somewhere around $5,000 a month. If you subtract the social security money that you may get, that still leaves you about $3,500 a month that you would need.

And if you are relying on that $100,000 401(k), that’s less than three years burn rate and it’s gone. And so for a lot of people, they are wondering, “What can I do? What can I do so that I can have enough money coming in so I don’t have to work till 70 or 75?” And that’s what the topic of this video is just about. You see, before I was involved in network marketing, we were heavily involved in real estate. And the reason we were in real estate was so that we could create cash flow. We had rental properties, we would buy houses, flip some houses, but the goal was to have enough rental property that the cash flow from the properties would pay for our time freedom. I’m not even going to say retirement. Does that make sense? Unfortunately we ran into the roadblocks of 2008, 2009, the financial crisis there, and things had to shift.

Put Money to Work for You

And that’s when I was introduced to network marketing. And what network marketing did for me is compressed time. What I was trying to accomplish in real estate that I’d already been involved for over 10 years, I was able to accomplish in network marketing in just two. So you see, when it comes time for you to retire or that time freedom, it really doesn’t matter where the money is coming from. If it’s coming from real estate, the stock market, or from network marketing, what matters is that you have enough money coming in to meet your expenses. For most people it’s scary right now, because they know that they’re earning 3,000, $4,00 5,000 a month, maybe just getting by on that. And then when they retire, their retirement money is far less, there’s a deficit. You see, you either have to put money to work for you, or you have to put a system to work for you.

Now, the retirement vehicles that the 401(k) is, or the stock market, that’s leveraging your money. And that’s great. But the problem for most people is, they don’t earn enough money to be able to invest the money and get the payoff that they’re looking for in the time that they’re looking for it. In other words, they’re not earning enough money and putting enough in. So they’re never going to be able to have that retirement that they’re looking for based on the rate of investing they’re doing right now. That’s why I said, most people just don’t have the retirement set aside, or the network set aside that they need at the age of 65.

The Cashflow Quadrant

I read a book many years ago by Robert Kiyosaki. The title of the book is, the Cashflow Quadrant. And it goes on to explain that there’s really four ways to earn money. The most popular way for most people is being an employee. The next step you could say would be being a business owner where you own the business. But both of those you’re still trading time for money. The other side of the quadrant is the side where the wealthy people are. The other side is where time freedom exists. And that’s with people who have systems that are working for them. You see, the system working for you, earns you money without you having to clock in and earn that money. And that’s exactly what network marketing is. Network marketing is simply a system. It’s a system of repeating your behaviors in teaching other people to do the same, a very simple system. You see, when you first get involved in network marketing, you earn money by sharing a story. We all have a story. We share stories all the time.

A Simple System

Unfortunately, for most people, when they’re making recommendations or sharing information, they’re not earning any type of residual income from that. In network marketing you can. You find a product or service that you’re excited about. You will earn money for sharing that story, your story, how the product or the service improved your life. And by sharing that other people will want to try the product or the service. That’s not the system. That’s where many people fail to understand the power of network marketing. The system is in teaching other people how to tell their story. You see, once other people that you’ve introduced to network marketing, start to tell their story about the product or their story about the service and the opportunity, people will join them. And that is the system, the system that repeats itself over and over and over again.

So first you go out and tell your story. You earn some money. That’s kind of like trading time for money. It’s the first step, it’s not the system. The system is teaching people how you earned your money, teaching people how to tell their story. And in turn it duplicates itself, repeats itself over and over and over again. And I’ll tell you that if you do it with the right company, with the right products or services, you can compress time. My short story is that I and my wife had worked for nearly 20 years in traditional business. And we did not have enough money invested so that it was making enough money for us in return. There was a deficit still, and that’s why we had to go out and trade time for money. But within two years, so 20 years of traditional business, and we didn’t have enough money saved or invested with the return of income that we needed.

And just two years of being involved in network marketing, we had created a team, a system that was repeating itself, and we were able to have an income through network marketing that far exceeded what we had in real estate, and even in our traditional business. A system that worked without us, a system that gave us time freedom, a system that allowed more money coming in than was going out. And that my friends is retirement. When you can have money coming in without you having to go punch a clock or do a job so that you have the freedom to do what you want when you want, that is retirement, I’m never going to retire. I love being active, I love working, I love helping other people. But the reality is at some point most people are going to find themselves in a place where there’s not enough money coming in and network marketing can absolutely help you get to your retirement or time freedom faster than what could be the path that you’re on now.

The Answer

So can network marketing save your retirement? It absolutely can. It did for us, and I know it can for you. You guys, if you enjoyed this information, subscribe to my Youtube channel, go to There’s plenty of great content there like this, and tell some other friends about it, share the material, and maybe we can help them as well. Have a great day.

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