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Network Marketing Leadership Skills – Can They be Developed?

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Listen to Brandon and Lynette give you the answers to whether or not leadership skills can be developed, and why it’s important to develop leadership skills for your business. If you want to build your network marketing business and grow a solid team, network marketing leadership skills will play a major role in the process.

In this Video

00:01: Introduction
00:28: Is Leadership Given or Earned?
01:42: Invest
02:41: Learn
03:42: Improve
05:19: Teach Others What You Are Doing
06:27: Connect With Us!

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Is Leadership Given or Earned?

Hey, everyone. We are Brandon and Lynette Cunningham. Thank you guys for being here. And don’t forget to subscribe if you like this information today. We’re going to be talking about leadership development, and, if leadership skills can actually be something you learn and develop; or is it something you’re born with?

The fact is before you can lead anyone, you first have to follow. I mean, you think when you’re a child or if you’ve got kids, they have to follow an example. They have to follow someone’s patterns before they can kind of blossom and turn into their own person. And developing as a leader in business is the same. You have to kind of serve as an apprentice and learn before you can blossom it into your own type leader.

And remember that leadership is never given. Sometimes, people try to do it. They’ll put someone in a promotion based on who they are, who they know, not necessarily maybe their skills. And before long, the people around them realize they’re not a real leader and things start to slow down. So leadership is never given, it’s earned. But there’s four things that we’re going to talk to you about. There’s four steps in how leadership can be development. So Lynette, let’s jump into this.


Yeah. So the first one is: invest. You’re going to have to make an investment. Whether it’s going to come in the form of money that’s being invested or time. And more than likely, it’s going to be both of those things because the reality is you have to invest in yourself, right? And the way that you do that is by feeding yourself the things that you need. I know for Brandon and I, we spend thousands of dollars each year just to elevate ourselves, just to equip ourselves. And it’s not just money because if that’s all it was, I mean, you spend the money and you’re done. That’s awesome. It then requires time to learn, to implement.

And so you have to realize that there are going to be some sacrifices in developing yourself, but it pays off tenfold, twentyfold, a hundredfold, it’s a massive payoff, but it does require that you invest, right?


In addition to that, the second thing that’s going to be required is that you learn. Listen, a lot of times we have programming that has to be reprogrammed.

You mean you can buy the course and it’s still not sinking in?

No. In fact, for a lot of us, we have to undo a lot of what’s been done before we can even advance. And a lot of times, people go, “Well, you know what? The way I grew up, I didn’t have anybody that believed in me. So I just can’t see myself being in that role of leadership.” And you know what? There’s a lot of people who fall into that situation. There’s a lot of people who have much worse circumstances than that, even. But the reality is you can develop that leadership by reprogramming. And again, when you’ve invested in something that helps you in that department, then you’ll reap the benefits of it. But it does require a little bit of that process.


For sure. The next step is that you have to improve. And this is something that many people overlook. They think they can invest in a course. They can learn some things and then they can teach it and that makes them a leader. But unless you improve and apply, then you really shouldn’t be teaching it. And so just remember that if you do this in small incremental steps, that will be what leads you to bigger victories. In other words, it’s the small daily.

Let’s think about your diet. If you’re trying to get healthier or you’re trying to lose some weight, you can’t go at it really hard for a day, eat perfect for a day, and think there’s going to be these results. And it’s really those small decisions through the day. What should be in the coffee or what should I be putting on the sandwich? All of those things add up to probably your health goals and the same thing applies in business as well. Take little things. Have some little victories in your business.

I used to teach motocross and that’s a sport where you’re constantly dealing with fear. Fear is what separates in that sport for the most part. And when I was teaching kids… Normally, the biggest fear is around jumping a bike. And when I was teaching kids how to jump, I would take them into the safest jumps and we would do small little incremental steps; process. We jump five feet. Then we jump seven feet. Then we jump 10 feet. Then we were jumping 15 feet and 20 feet. And if we could jump 30 feet on a safe jump, then we could take those same techniques and jump 30 feet on something that looked a little different.

Teach Others What You Are Doing

And so your business and your personal development should be done the same way. Take it in small incremental steps. First win the day, improve in your own daily habits, improve in your own daily thinking, and that will help you make some changes in your business. And the next step and the final step that really makes you a leader is when you can teach others what you’re doing.

The saying is that there is no success unless there is a successor. So unless you’re teaching someone what you’ve done to personally improve, you’re really not leading because in order to be a leader, there has to be some people following, right?

And so that’s what you want; you want a bunch of people that you’re pouring your knowledge and what you’ve learned and what you’ve personally improved in, in your life into their life. And then that closes the circle on leadership development. So as you apply these things in your business and in your life, you’ll start to see that people will start to see you as a leader, and it might surprise you.

Connect With Us!

So those are the four steps to answer the question can leadership be developed. You got to invest. You’ve got to learn. You’ve got to then yourself improve and then you teach it. If you can teach one person how to improve their life, then you can teach thousands of people how to improve their lives.

That is why we know leadership skills can be developed and we know you can do it as well. We hope you’ve enjoyed this information. If you did, make sure you subscribe to this YouTube channel. You guys have a great day. Thanks for joining us.

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