Becoming a Leader That People Want to Follow

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When you become a leader that people want to follow, your team will do as you. The good news is we all can have a second chance if we need it. This video helps focus on what needs to happen for us get moving again in the right direction!

00:00 Introduction
00:17 People Follow Your Lead
01:30 Following Directions
02:14 Building Credibility
02:51 Writing Your Network Marketing Story
04:40 People Are Going To Follow What You Do
05:40 Stay Consistent

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Hey guys today, we’re going to talk about how the people in your business are going to do what you do. In other words, monkey see monkey do.

People Follow Your Lead

Hi there. We are Brandon and Lynette Cunningham. Welcome to the Cunningham Collective. Have you ever heard the saying monkey see monkey do? Well, I never realized how big of a role that plays in the profession of network marketing. Because, everything that you do people tend to follow, they follow your lead. From the very way that you enroll, to the kit that you come in on, to how fast you rank advance. And what I find is all of the decisions that you make through the duration of your business is building your story. We hear about our story a lot in this profession, and honestly, it’s not until you’ve built somewhat of a story that you realize how significant it actually is in your ability to talk to others.

So what I mean by that is when Brandon and I got in the business, having never done it before all we knew to do is what our little guidebook told us that the company sent us. And that guidebook told us to expose this to three to five people a day. We said, okay, let’s do that each. That was a decision that I never dreamed I would be telling that story of years and years and years later, but it was good behavior. We followed the guidelines, it was good behavior.

Following Directions

So now when someone comes to us and says, “Hey, you guys have had so much success. What did you do when you got started?” I go, “We shared this with three to five people a day each.” So it was part of our story. And even the decisions that we made on going to big events in our company, when we were told that the next event was coming up and that we should be there, we went. We didn’t understand the significance of the fact that now we can say in our story from enrolling we attended every event and we’ve never missed one sense.

Building Credibility

Now, why is that a big deal? Because we know that the events play a big role in our success, and there’s a tremendous value in our team being there. So the fact that we can talk to our team and say, “Hey, we’ve never missed one,” helps to build credibility in their mind as to the significance of being there. So it’s part of our story. And it’s just interesting because you don’t realize how every decision you make has kind of a compound effect in the story that you’re building and how you then can relate that story to others and teach through your story.

Writing Your Network Marketing Story

Yeah. Your story is something that, it’s hard to even understand how important your story plays a role in the success of your business in network marketing. And honestly, the reason we exposed it three to five times a day, and the reason we haven’t missed events is because we had a high level of desire to change some things in our life. And so maybe you’ve been in network marketing for a period of time now, and you don’t like maybe the story that’s been created, maybe it hasn’t gone the way you wanted to go, or maybe you’ve been in a couple companies. Listen, that’s not a bad thing. As long as you still desire to change some things in your life, then you get the opportunity to write the second chapter of your story. Right?

And even for people like Lynette and I, that have had a good deal of success in network marketing, we’re still writing our story in network marketing. And to some degree, I don’t think we’ve even tapped into fully what we’re capable of. And so it just boils down to your desire and what you’re going to do from this point forward. So if you don’t like the first chapter of your story in network marketing, you have to make a decision. But just know that once you make a decision that what you do beyond that decision, that day, you’re writing a story. And it’s the story that is actually going to lead to your ultimate success in your business, because it is what you tell over and over. And it’s what, even without you saying anything, even without the words coming out of your mouth, it’s monkey see monkey do.

Like it or not.

People are Going To Follow What You Do

Right. People are going to duplicate. So maybe you’re brand new and you don’t have a team yet, that’s good because now you’re getting this content and understanding what I do is what is going to be followed. And maybe you’ve been around and maybe you have a team. That’s great. Just know that if you still have a desire, you make a decision and from that day forward, maybe it’s today, you start building this second story or third story. And the fact is, I don’t think we’re ever done writing our story. Our stories are always in a process, but maybe one chapter can be better than the next chapter.

Every day presents a new opportunity to adding to our story. Your story never ends. Your story is your life, right? So every day, every decision that you’re making is part of your story. And you get to determine whether or not it’s a story that you want to be told.

Say Consistent

What Lynette and I’ve really observed in network marketing, why some people succeed, why some don’t why some stories are great is really boils down to one thing and it’s consistency. Consistency in your actions, which builds that story that you really desire to told. And so don’t underestimate every decision you make, every decision you make is extremely powerful and important to your success. So we hope you enjoy that message today, put it to practice and start writing that story.

So guys thanks for joining us. And for more information, you can visit the Cunninghamcollective.com. Have a great day.

Struggling to find time to build your business?

Use this worksheet to figure out when you can build your business around your busy lifestyle!

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